Here is a wiki with a HUGE list of great tools:

Here is a great document using Wikipedia to teach research skills... critically important research skills:

Another great link...

Looking for more than just a photograph? Fotopedia is the tool for you

Fotopedia doesn't just give you great images - the site also gives you educational information about the picture

Technology to research collaboratively:
  • connect with experts online (there are a variety of tools - some as easy as email)
  • gather data (there are a variety of tools) - we have access to news, videos, ideas of all kinds from literally all over the world at our fingertips...
  • use ejournals or other online tools to find information (sdln alone has some great tools)

Digital Media Tool
Person Sharing (include grade level)
Brief Explanation of Use
Nancy Appl - Grade 2
Any grade can use this! Upload pictures and record students voices to make a video.
Tag Galaxy
Nancy Appl - Grade 2
Any grade. Use this website to find numerous pictures on a topic starting very broad to very specific.
My Portaportal
Nancy Appl - Grade 2
Any grade can use this. Organizes your websites!
Nancy Appl - Grade 2
Any grade. Educator sharing board for ideas, lesson plans, any questions.
Karen Ronne - Grade 2
Sharing ideas with teachers at any level.
Common Sense Media
Jamie Grimsrud - 4th-8th Grade
I wasn't sure until I read this article. I use to review/preview books and videos. It is easy to use and "quick!'

Technology to share information and ideas:
  • blog with tools like Blogster or KidBlog (there are a million other blogging tools also)
  • social networking with tools such as EdModo or ePals (Facebook and Twitter have given "social networking" a very BAD RAP. This is unfortunate as there are MANY SAFE ALTERNATIVES and it is very much a 21st Century skill.)
  • social bookmarking ( for 15 most popular sites)

Digital Media Tool
Person Sharing (include grade level)
Brief Explanation of Use
Language Arts I Students (9th) - Heylens
My students will blog with students from Dell Rapids St. Mary's about Romeo and Juliet.
Nancy Appl - Grade 2
Any grade. Used to create posters.
Nancy Appl - Grade 2
Any grade. Creating your own blog.
Donna DeKraai
Any grade. I'm using the site for my sciences and reading classes.
Dawn Leuning - Grade 4
My students blog their thoughts on various topics such as our book Three Cups of Tea, meaning of idioms, etc.
Dawn Leuning-Grade 4
We use this with our Scott Foresman reading series with more options to teach reading, spelling, and literary devices.
Dawn Leuning-Grade 4
I use this to enforce idioms and other figurative language.
Sharon Landsman-Grade 10
Any grade can use this. Use this website to collaborate and/or correspond with other students/teachers from around the world.
Ervin Gebhart
9th Grade
I use this for discussion, blogging, and assignments. It is very easy to use. You can attach files, etc. Works well.
Karen Ronne I would use this to teach my students how to blog responsibly and respond appropriately to their fellow
Cheryl Todey - 6-8 Band
I will use this with my jazz band to blog to share info and audio links concerning jazz musicians.
Kim Kludt via Sue Turnipseed - good for all K-12
This site allows you to upload any pdf for sharing... it will then give you a URL to share via email or embedding. It is a great way for students to have their presentation (perhaps a ppt) ready and not be messing with jump drives or loggin in. Check it out... it is COOL!!

Technology to create and share documents and videos collaboratively:
  • there are a million tools out there right now that help us do this "cloud" sharing - one of my favorites is google docs.

Here are a couple documents I have been sent:

Digital Media Tool
Person Sharing (include grade level)
Brief Explanation of Use
Nancy Appl - Grade 2
Any grade. Turns words in to a visually stunning tag cloud.
Mark Kreie - HS Math
Students can join the interactive document and add / edit / erase. I used it for a review before a test. Specific site listed below.
K12 data center
Sharepoint Site
Mark Kreie - HS Math
The sharepoint sites are very safe and only accessible w/ a valid k12 state login. There are many things available, including blogs, document sharing, calendar. Very "cloudy" site.
In order to create one, you must ask the k12 data center to set it up. Mine was set up by Marcia Johnson over a year ago. I'm not sure if she still works there or not.