The mission of schools has always been to provide students the content and skills necessary for future success. In the past, educators have been confident they knew the future their students would encounter. This is no longer the case. Many of the careers today’s students will hold do not yet exist. Knowledge is changing at an extraordinary pace. We cannot foresee the information they will need. We can; however, be certain of the skills they will require to be successful in their professional and personal lives. These skills, 21st Century skills, will enable students to confidently face an unknown future. These skills will enable them to access information, think critically, and solve problems using a vast array of technology tools.

Cohort Meeting Agenda - September 17, 2009

21st Century Skills... for an overview click on link... 21st Century Skills - Route 21

Cohort Survey - Spring 2010

There are several sets of standards which should guide our implementation of these skills and tools:

Because you will be sharing lesson plans with each other and with your district, I think it would be best for you to use a uniform system of LESSON PLANNING. Below is a form documenting the LESSON PLAN COMPONENTS REQUIRED FOR THE COURSE...